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It took the chef 24 years to find his bride again!

Can you believe these two went to Middle School, High School, and College together, and never, not once, spoke to each other! What?


It wasn't until 24 years later when their parallel lives crossed paths online!


You see, Shane, our chef, former chef of Alias NYC, Lulu Wilson ASPEN, The Meridian Club, TCI remembered a brief email chain of a "girl" he knew of, that he's convinced contacted him via stalking techniques for a class reunion, only to be a part of her grand plan!


I knew this from our 3 email exchanges! Kathy had been the GM at Jean Ro Bistro! Apparently serendipity is a thing that waits for perfection! To cut the story short, I sent her an email, maybe a FB message. Find me a pastry chef I'll buy you a ticket to the TCI! Shane and Kathy's Story is bliss;

Street Chef Brigade, LLC 2016                                                                              Created by Shane Coffey

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